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Young Resources was set up in December 1997 to give Graeme Young a framework for the production and distribution of resources for Christian ministry for children. His son, Ben gave his time freely to produce the materials that Graeme had written. 

Graeme and Kate Young have been involved together in many aspects of Christian service over the past 45 years of happily married life! Their son and three daughters have personally participated as children in the kind of experiences that are described in the resources in this website, and they are each continuing to serve Jesus as they did then.

Graeme believes and has seen that God wants to use all ages in partnership in the work of Jesus’ Kingdom. He has encouraged children, young people and adults to grow in their experience of the Holy Spirit and in their understanding of the Bible. He likes to make teaching on important issues easy to grasp for young and old, for new and experienced followers of Jesus. His writing reflects the importance he sees in having resources which will help him and others to be ready for revival. Graeme’s experience in children’s ministry is described in the introduction page to the Children’s Ministry Manual.

Kate has had a caring ministry in her daily work for many years with children, young people and adults with various kinds of cognitive impairment. She has been researching and documenting her family’s missionary heritage relating to India, China and Scotland. Her reflections on many aspects of life and faith can be found in her collection of poems, “An ongoing Journey of Thoughts for fellow travellers” in the EXTRA section.

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