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Jesus Card

The Jesus Card is a small evangelistic tool designed so that boys and girls who know the answer can use it to talk about Jesus with their friends.

The two sides of the card are pictured below. The first side is a puzzle, “What do you call someone who: is stronger than evil, never lets you down, does the impossible, makes your life special?” The name “JESUS” is then disguised at the bottom of the card. People take different amounts of time to see the answer. This itself is a picture of how Jesus can be right in front of us without us recognising him.

The second side of the card contains an easy to understand application of the Biblical teaching to repent, believe, be baptised and receive the Holy Spirit. It says, “When you know, you can: turn from whatever has spoiled your life, trust his friendship, tell out what you discover, take in his special gift.”

Talk about Jesus is a booklet which explains the eight statements on the Jesus card. By exploring them in greater depth it can help those who want to talk about Jesus (whatever age they are) to know more of what to say and how to say it. It also gives Bible verses related to each of the subjects for further individual or group study.

Jesus Card: 10 for £1.00 or 50 for £4.00.

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