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Church is Family

– Becoming More of Who We Are
church is family

Graeme C. Young invites his readers to look at their pre-set views of church, then takes them on a detailed examination of the New Testament to show  that the essential nature of church is family. He follows this with accounts from his experience of the familiness he has enjoyed in churches and Christian groups throughout his life.

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Luke into Jesus

– How to live as Children of His Kingdom


Luke into Jesus is a practical commentary on the whole of Luke’s Gospel, written in a style that is designed to be particularly useful for followers of Jesus who are young in age or experience.

  • Younger readers will find that the words used are simple and easy to understand.
  • Readers who are new to studying the Bible will find clear explanations of things that they may not have learned about before.
  • Older readers who know the stories well will find more for them to discover.
  • Families or small groups who use this book as they read Luke together will find plenty to talk about.

The purpose of this guide is for us all to be ready for everything that Jesus wants us to be and to do as children of his Kingdom, whatever age we are.

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More information is available on the Luke into Jesus page.

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