Your Father

Your Father is a 16-page booklet, in which Graeme Young looks at and applies the truth of the statements that Jesus made in conversation with his followers when he referred to, “Your Father…”

Richard Merritt’s illustrations will bring a smile to readers while they are considering this sensitive subject.

Graeme writes:
“This booklet has been written because of a question that a friend asked my daughters, “What’s it like having a dad?” I hope that it helps all you boys and girls who read it to know your Father in Heaven better, to feel His love for you, and to know your own special place in His heart.

“For boys and girls who do not have a dad, or who feel that they miss a father’s love, I hope that you especially will discover all that is meant in the promise that God made, “I will be a father to the fatherless.” My dad died a few days before my seventh birthday – I know that God’s promise is true.”

Your Father is a helpful book for all ages. Firstly, Your Father is for fatherless children. They can be especially helped by the reassuring truth it contains. Of course, for that to happen, someone has to give them a copy!

Secondly, Your Father is for all children. Every child should have a personal relationship with Heavenly Father, and get to know Him as He really is. Where better to discover about Father than to look at the words of Jesus?

Your Father is for adults too. Many adults, even Christian adults, have faulty ideas about what God is like, resulting from damaged backgrounds. This not only obstructs their relationship with their Heavenly Father, but also affects their view of fatherhood. One church leader said, “I want to get these booklets for all the men in my congregation so that they will know what being a dad is all about.”

Your Father is available for £1.20 each or five copies for £5.00.

It can be read online, without illustrations, here.

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