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A Christian is Someone Who


loves Jesuslives according to the Bibledoes what Jesus saysis a child in God’s familyallows Jesus to do what he wants to do for themhas turned from sin to serve Godas given their life to Jesusworks for Jesus’ Kingdomwants others to know Jesusis not ashamed of Jesusobeys God’s commandsfollows Jesusis learning …

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ACCOUNTABILITY – and why I don’t like it

Oxford English Dictionary definition :- accountable – required or expected to justify actions or decisions.

1. used by leaders to justify taking decisions which the people they are leading do not agree with.

They use the idea of “being accountable” to some people outside the church/organisation and argue,

“Because I am accountable to them, I …

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Advice on Following God’s Call

Some observations from my experience on following God’s call. (Graeme Young)

Sometimes, unexpectedly, people close to you may not understand or agree with the way you are taking. God may not reveal to them what he has revealed to you. Sometimes God may lead you on an adventure of faith to a “dead-end.” Sometimes a …

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All Age Church – A Way Of Life

All Age Church – Not So Much A Service – More A Way Of Life.

– learning from the experience of God’s people in the Old Testament.

In this article I look at ten different situations in the Old Testament where children and adults were together in what was being done. It is a challenging …

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An ongoing Journey of Thoughts for fellow travellers

An ongoing Journey of Thoughts for fellow travellers by Kate Young.

More than 50 of Kate’s poems with accompanying pictures are in this softback A4 book. Contrasting emotions and insights are woven throughout these observations and reflections.

“Over the years I have written poems which reflect on my experience of life and faith. Recently I …

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Answering a 7 year old’s Questions

I received an email from the parent of a seven year old, saying that their child had been asking some big questions which they wanted help in answering. The questions got me thinking, and since you may know of other children who may be asking similar questions, the pdf file has a copy of my …

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Answering an Adult’s Question

Someone told me that on the streets of his town there are occasionally people offering their way to spiritual enlightenment. He told me that he has a favourite question he uses to challenge them. It is:

“If God does exist, why does he make it so difficult for us to believe in him?”

I decided …

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Backward Baptism

We tend to think of baptism as a cutting off from the past.

So when John the Baptist came we see it as a “new move” of God.. It is – but it is linked right back 700 years into “a voice of one crying in the wilderness”.

Anyway – we have the John move …

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Dealing With Spoilers

Learning to deal with people who are being used in some way by the enemy to disrupt or spoil the life and work of the fellowship.

1. It is right for us not to treat everyone with the same openness.

John 2v23,24   …many believed in him…but Jesus did not trust himself  to them, because he …

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Graeme’s Christmas Quiz

If you are using this quiz with others, make sure that you have read the questions and the answers carefully, and looked up the references. My experience shows that people may not want to admit that they are wrong in what they think they know! Be prepared!


Look …

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In Letters From An Uncle

When I was 22 years old and in a time of crisis and uncertainty, my uncle George decided to write to me several letters in which he offered me some encouraging advice. His words have been a constant reference point in my life since then, and I am sure that others will benefit by the …

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Instant Housegroup

Instructions: Give each person in the group a copy of this sheet. Let them each choose any one of the things to say something about (or more than one after everyone has had the opportunity to take part).

Psalm 107v2 – Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

a place that is special to you in …

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Jean Darnall’s Prophecy

Graeme Young writes: In 1987 I was leading the children’s programme at Canterbury Christian Family Conference. We experimented to see how far the gifts of the Holy Spirit could be experienced among children and found that they stepped with ease into ministering to one another. At the same conference, in the adults’ tent, one of …

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Moving On

– a parable of church in transition                                                                           

It was time to move on – the island on which they had lived for some time no longer had the resources to sustain their life, Once again they would have to cross the water, walking through the strong currents to another island. There, as at each previous …

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Prayer Walking – A Practical Introduction

What is prayer-walking?

Prayer-walking is when you deliberately walk in an area and engage in prayer related to that area as you walk through it. It can also involve observing and noting things as you walk which you can pray about later.

Walking in the area you are praying for gives the opportunity to see, …

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Prophetic Strands

A number of things got me thinking about prophecy – and the different strands there are to what are seen as prophetic statements. I am not thinking here of people misusing a prophetic gift, or people thinking that they are using a prophetic gift when they are not. I am thinking of the times when …

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Statement Of Faith

What I know to be true

John 6v69 We believe and know…John 1v34 I have seen and testify…John 1v45 We have found the one…

What has happened to me

John 4v29 Come and see a man who told me…John 9v25 One thing I do know… I was… but now…

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Thoughts On Bereavement

Our God is merciful and tender.He will cause the bright dawn of salvation to rise on usand to shine from heavenon all those who sit in the dark shadow of death,to guide our steps into the path of peace. 

Luke 1v78,79

When someone dies, even though death has no power over us, it casts its shadow …

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Uses of the Gift of Tongues

1. to communicate about God in someone else’s own language and dialect, without having learned that language. (as happened on the day of Pentecost)

A friend of mine, when in a prayer meeting in Argentina, heard  someone pray in English for England, naming several English towns. When she spoke to her afterwards, she discovered that …

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Wedding Words

After I spoke at a friend’s wedding, I was told that a number of people had asked if they could have a copy of what I said. A comment made about one part was, “I wish someone had told me that thirty years ago.” (It was about a three sided see-saw!).

To save others waiting so …

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