Readiness for Revival

Twelve doors of readiness for Revival/ more of Jesus  (John chs1-5)

Look at what keeps those doors closed

1. Be hungry to experience more – be ready to move forward in the next kingdom of heaven adventure.

1v35-39 – “What are you looking for?” – “We want to be where you are.”

the barrier – being satisfied with our present experience, or disappointed with past experience stopping us believing

wanting others to be where we are rather than wanting to go on further ourselves.

Luke 4v43 Jesus moving on

2.  Welcome manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

1v45-50  – it will lead to more – “heaven opened”

 – the barrier –  fear of Holy Spirit activity – suspicion of the supernatural

– imagine welcoming Jesus as long as he didn’t do anything supernatural!

3. – Expect Jesus anywhere – prayer meeting/ party


 – the barrier – separation of sacred and secular compartmentalisation

– Jesus in every part of life – not Christian Life and other life.

community involvement – not just church involvement.

Revival is not just for the church but for the community – to bring joy to the community.

We would tend to think that revival is to bring joy to the church and judgement to the community, but here we see in 3,4 it is joy to the community and judgement to the church.

4. Clear the way for incomers – (organise for outsiders)


– the barrier – resistance and opposition in the church – questioning Jesus/revival authority.

– in temple courts – getting in the way of the people of the nations coming to meet God in prayer and worship. Control

 – relation to outsiders – having things in church that suit us rather than things that make way for the outsider to come in. using church for our own benefit.

5.  Be led by the Holy Spirit – sons of the Wind


Jesus not a teacher but a “new-life giver”

barrier – reliance on personal commitment/ religion rather than realisation of personal relationship – Holy Spirit.

– not more commitment needed – but openness to God working in us

– in relating to the Holy Spirit – you don’t have to be like anyone else!

-time and experience will show you how the Holy Spirit works with you.( Duncan Campbell)

6. Honour the work of God in others – recognise and rejoice


barrier – trying to hold on to it – love life –lose it, give it away – find it

– seeing that the anointing is not yours. Don’t try to hold it to yourself.

ready to give it away – to recognise and rejoice in others carrying it.

God gives the Spirit without limit – could be anywhere with anyone!

7. – Identify with all God’s people – one Father – one family

4v7-10, 19-24

barrier – denominational / “our church” pride

Samaritan woman – restriction – limited perspective of church background.

We think of our scene as “normal”

worship him in spirit and truth – not in denomination

She was blessed by someone from a different denomination!!

8. Be ready for sudden change  – for God’s interference – to lay normal things aside.


barrier – concentration on the unimportant  – not realising “the kingdom of heaven is at hand” – faulty perception of time/process – “it can’t happen yet because..”

long wait – followed by sudden action  one person converted – many believers in that town.

9. Keep your focus on Jesus.

4v28, 39-42

barrier – any other focus

Come see a man. Could he be the Messiah? She didn’t say, “I’ve got living water flowing in me”

 We know that this man really is the saviour of the world.

Pointing to Jesus

 – for me   “He told me everything I had ever done.”

– for church/ God’s people – the Messiah/Christ

– for the world – the Saviour

10. Believe for what you have not yet seen


– barrier – lack of belief in healing/ signs and wonders/ Holy Spirit gifts.

 Believe then see! Go, your son will live!

“We must realise that when God moves, spectacular things happen.”(Jackie Ritchie – Floods upon the Dry Ground”

11. Want it! (Revival/more of Jesus)


barrier – don’t want to carry the responsibility

How much are we just sitting around the pool where things happen, not expecting it to happen to us.

12. Adjust your lifestyle


barrier – what we have become used to – slipped into

 Notice he was healed before this

The power of God being demonstrated in someone’s life does not necessarily mean that they are walking in obedience to the Lord. There are those who have lost it.

Duncan Campbell on heart preparation for revival says:

“Of course yours may not be the gross sins condemned by the mere conventions of society – yours may be lack of harmony with the will of God. Oh let is ponder here for a second – God has a plan, God has a purpose for your life. Are you willing to fit into that plan without hedging it round with conditions?”

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