Earlystart is a 20-sheet series, written by Graeme Young, which aims to help equip boys and girls in living for Jesus in a way which will build their experience in God’s word and the Holy Spirit. Earlystart is designed for children aged around 8-13 to use individually or preferably in a group setting.

Each worksheet contains a number of teaching statements on a specific subject (the 20 subjects are listed below), Biblical references to read and use in completing the worksheet, a place to record what has been particularly special to the child in the study, ‘something to think about’ (a good topic for discussion and prayer), and ‘Keywords’ (a verse from the Gospels on the subject which is suitable for memorising).

The Earlystart pack comes complete with a set of leaders’ notes which includes suggestions on how to run an Earlystart group. The 20 double-sided A4 worksheets are illustrated by Randee Hinchliffe.

As the predecessor to Biblestart, Earlystart is a proven resource for those who are new to following Jesus, and those who want to discover more. It has been used by missions and churches in various countries in their programmes for discipling children.

Running an Earlystart group could be a good way to help the children who are following Jesus in your church to move on further, while having fun and strengthening their friendships. The idea is that the children complete an Earlystart worksheet during the week at home – on their own or with help, and then in a weekly Earlystart group meeting at someone’s house (with perhaps a meal afterwards) the children share what they are learning, talk and pray over the issues raised and look for what the Holy Spirit wants them to do.

As Graeme writes in the leaders’ notes, “Earlystart groups could well be the context in which the Holy Spirit may prompt initiatives among the children for evangelism and ministry. In leading such groups we need to be ready to go further in the Holy Spirit with the children than we have ever been before. These children are not just a group to be taught – they are a movement to be in the middle of! God wants to use them in special ways – we can be a part of helping them to be ready.”

The 20 subjects are: Being Different, Church, Death and Beyond, Don’t give up, Family, Father, Following Jesus, Healing, Hearing from God, Jesus, Jesus’ Kingdom, Learning to Trust, Praying, Telling the Good News, The Bible, the Devil and Evil Spirits, The Holy Spirit, Turning from Wrong, Worship, You.

Early start can be downloaded here: Earlystart Part 1 and Earlystart 2 Part.

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