Faithfulness Reminders

What Jesus wants, the Holy Spirit is ready to help make happen.

1. What does Jesus think?   I Cor 4v2

Required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.

2. Am I looking outward for the needs of others? Matthew 24v45

Faithful servant – to give servants food at the proper time.

3. Am I doing what I can? Matthew 25v14,21

Each according to his ability. Gained more – faithful servant.

4. What am I doing with my money? Luke 16v11

Faithful in worldly wealth – trusted with true riches

5. Am I fulfilling my small responsibilities?  Luke 19v13, 17

Occupy until I come. Faithful in a small matter, take charge 10 cities

6. Am I being wholehearted? Acts 16v15

Example of Lydia – judged faithful to the Lord

7. Am I being a messenger of encouragement? Eph 6v21, Col 4v8

Example of Tychicus – faithful servant sent to encourage

8. Am I being a receiver / transmitter?  2Timothy 2v2

Entrust to faithful men – able to teach others also

9. Am I keeping going? Rev 2v10

Be faithful even to the point of death.

10. Am I living with Jesus? Rev 17v14

They that are with Him are called and chosen and faithful.

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