Jesus will take you from where you are

Jesus will take you from where you are to where he wants you to be.

– He has a plan and a purpose for you.

–  He will make all the arrangements for that to be fulfilled.

– He just needs your agreement to go with him.

Peter’s experience of Jesus as an example for us:

1. John 1v41,42 – call to be

2. Mark 1v16,17 – call to learn

3. Mark 1v35-38 – call to a clear purpose

4. Luke 5v1-11 – call to leave

5. Mark 3v13-16  – call to fellowship

6. Mark 6v7-16  – call to adventure

7. Matthew 14v22-32 – call to step out

8. Matthew 16v16-17,22-23 – call to consistency

9. Matthew 17v1-8 – call to fresh experience

10. Matthew 18v21,22 – call to forgiveness

11. John 13v 6-9 – call to receive

12. Luke 22v31-32 – call to faith beyond failure

13. John 20v21,22 – call to welcome the Holy Spirit

14. John 21v15 – call to Kingdom work

15. Acts 1v4 – call to wait

16. Acts 1v8 – call to Holy Spirit living

17. Acts 3v1-10 – call to Holy Spirit giving

18. Acts 4v5-13 – call to boldness

19. Acts 5v1-11 – call to guard the church

20. Acts 10v13,14 – call to wider horizons

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