Holy Spirit Gifts and Ministries

The Holy Spirit gives special gifts and ministries for the work of Jesus’ Kingdom.

1 Holy Spirit Gifts

  • (1 Corinthians 12:4-11)
  • Wisdom – knowing what to do.
  • Knowledge – hearing things from God.
  • Faith – believing in God for big things.
  • Healing – praying for people.
  • Miracles – doing things that other people can’t.
  • Prophecy – passing on what God is saying.
  • Discernment – knowing what is going on.
  • Tongues – special words for prayer, worship and beating the devil.
  • Interpretation – explaining what things mean.

2 Holy Spirit Ministries

  • (Ephesians 4:11-12)
  • Apostle – someone who is sent. Someone who is able to decide what to do and do it.
  • Prophet – someone who speaks. Someone God speaks to about what he is feeling, what he is going to do, what he wants to happen and what he wants people to know.
  • Evangelist – someone who is a messenger with good news. Someone who tells people about Jesus and helps them to decide to give their lives to Jesus.
  • Shepherd – someone who takes care of sheep. Someone who takes care of a group of people who are following Jesus – making sure that they have everything they need, and protecting them from things which could harm people.
  • Teacher – someone who teaches. Someone who shows what the Bible says, who explains it in a way that people understand, and who helps them to live in a way that pleases God.

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