Revival quotes

James Wood of 1921 revival: They were blind to their problems because they were dazzled by the splendour of their resources.

Jock Troup: We are going to have revival – we must pray and then go out and get it.

Don’t break the icicles – wait for the sun.

James Turner p26: I came to Portknockie and did not find things as I would have wished. The dear people were not going back, but they were not attacking Satan’s camp.

Mum’s quote of Granda William Clark: You don’t need to ask the Holy Spirit to come. He’s already here. It’s you that need to get in tune with Him.

Jackie Ritchie (Floods upon Dry Ground p30): We must realise that when God moves, spectacular things happen.

Daily Meditations p119: If foremost men are needed, it is easy for the great Head of the Church to raise them up. He will revive his work.

Glover’s commentary p92 It as not an uncommon dealing of God to postpone answering prayer until the answer seems to have become impossible. We keep clinging so much to natural possibilities, and build our hopes half on Christ’s power and the other half on natural processes, that Christ cannot get our trust fixed on Himself till he has cut off these other hopes altogether.

The best warriors are not those who shout the loudest on the battlefield, but those who spend time preparing in their tent the night before. ( a word received by Sarah)

The zeal of some is like the fire on a chimney-top more conspicuous than useful. Of such he (Duncan Matheson) was wont to say, “Some have got into the revival into whom the revival has not got.” (page315)

Perhaps there is nothing we all so much need to learn as this, that there is something beyond, of which our past experience is not able to give us any conception.

Daily Meditations p345 Aug28

If you’re always talking in the past tense, the Holy Spirit gets bored and goes away.

George Birch preaching at Mustard Tree Christian Fellowship.

Of another I have heard, that lately he preached about revivals, but now he proclaims the doctrine of salvation more than before in a way calculated by the blessing of God really to produce a revival. Page 342 The Revival of Religion

Children’s wisdom: Skylar: If you are showing off, the Holy Spirit won’t do the things that you want Him to.

Meaghain : It’s not how big your faith is… “It’s how long it lasts.”

Revival does not begin with prayer but with humility – If my people humble themselves.

RTF Let’s have revival to get the job done.

Jesus does not send revival – He comes himself.

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