Miracles signs we need to know

John’s Gospel

The miracles that Jesus did are SIGNS of things that we need to know.

Wedding problem (John 2):

When things don’t work out as you had hoped,

Jesus can bring to you even more than you were expecting.

Official’s dying son (John 4):

When you don’t see how your prayers can be answered,

Jesus’ words can always be trusted.

Paralysed man at the pool John 5):

When there are things that have lasted so long

you think that they can’t be changed,

Jesus can deal with the problem.

Hungry crowd (John 6):

When it looks as if there is no way that you can meet a big need,

Jesus can give you a way to do what is needed.   

A storm at sea (John 6):

When it looks as if everything is going wrong,

Jesus can came and make things right again.

Man born blind (John 9):

When there are things about you that have always been there,

Jesus can change you into something better.

Dead Lazarus (John 11):

When you think that the worst has happened,

Jesus can bring something good out of the situation.

John 20v30

Jesus did many other signs which are not written in this book.

These have been written down so that you may believe………

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