Different Ways of God Speaking

The story of Gideon (Judges 6-7) shows how God can speak to us in many different ways.

1 Direct Action

  • God spoke through changing circumstances. “Once again the people of Israel sinned against the Lord, so he let the people of Midian rule them for seven years” (Judges 6:1).

2 Prophet

  • God spoke to a prophet. “The Lord sent a prophet who brought them this message from the Lord” (Judges 6:8).

3 Written Word

  • God reminded the people that he had instructed them not to fear the gods of the Amorites as he would give them their land (Judges 6:10). This was written in Exodus 3:17, 13:5, 23:23, 33:2 & 34:11.

4 Angel

  • The Lord’s angel came and sat under an oak tree. The angel appeared to Gideon and spoke to him (Judges 6:11-12).

5 Manifestation

  • God showed his power by fire coming out of a rock and burning Gideon’s sacrifice (Judges 6:21).

6 Spoken Words

  • The Lord spoke to Gideon and told him what to do (Judges 6:23-25).

7 Prophetic Action

  • God spoke to the people by Gideon tearing down the altar to Baal and building an altar to God (Judges 6:25-28).

8 Anointing

  • The Spirit of the Lord came upon or ‘clothed’ Gideon (Judges 6:34).

9 Inspiration

  • When Gideon blew a trumpet, the men of the clan of Abiezer came to follow him (Judges 6:34).

10 Organisation

  • Messengers were organised to carry the call of God which brought others to join Gideon (Judges 6:35).

11 Sign

  • God gave Gideon a special sign (involving a woollen fleece) in answer to his prayer (Judges 6:36-40).

12 Revelation

  • Gideon was shown which people to choose by the way they drank from the stream (Judges 7:4-7).

13 Dream and Interpretation

  • God gave the enemy a dream and its interpretation! (Judges 7:13-15).

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