Joseph of Arimathea

1. Joseph was from Arimathea, but he was now in Jerusalem. Luke 23v50

God has a purpose in you being somewhere different from where you came from.

2. Joseph was a rich man (we don’t know how that came about) – he was able to afford a tomb. Matt 27v57

God has a purpose for whatever you have (however it has come about)

3. Joseph was one of the council of Jewish leaders (so able to ask Pilate for the body) Mark 15v43

God has a Kingdom purpose in whatever position you hold.

4. Joseph thought he had built the tomb for himself – but then it was available. Matt 27v60

God has a purpose which is beyond what you can see.

5. Joseph was good, just, not consenting to the council’s decision, secret disciple, but then he went boldly to Pilate. Luke 23v51,52; John 19v38

God has a purpose to bring what is in us out into the open.

6. Joseph was waiting for the Kingdom of God –(looked towards receiving) even when there looked to be no hope of it coming. Mark 15v43

God has a purpose in our waiting times, when things have no sign of working out.

7. Joseph stepped out in faith, and found Nicodemus alongside to help. John 19v39

God has a purpose to give us friends to help in what we are doing for Jesus.

8. Joseph had to make a quick decision, to take the initiative and the way opened up, when it might not have been expected to. Matt 27v58

When God prompts us to action in His purposes, He will open doors.

We don’t hear of Joseph again by name, but I assume he was one of the 120 believers. Acts 1v15

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