Priorities for a zealot

To be zealous for:

1. God’s glory – for holiness in God’s people.

John 2v17 “Zeal for your house has consumed me.”

2. Personal righteousness – repentant zeal.

2 Cor 7v10,11 Godly sorrow works out in repentance …. what zeal! – in all things you have approved yourselves to be clear in this matter.

3. Discipleship – seeking to prevent people going astray.

2 Cor 11v2 I am zealous over you with godly zeal… I fear lest by any means your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

4. Generous giving – to support and bless others.

2 Cor 9v1,2 touching the ministering to the saints.. your zeal has provoked many.

5. Prayer for others – “that they may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.”

Col 4v12,13 Epaphras always labouring fervently for you in prayers that you may stand…. he has a great zeal for you.

6. Prophetic gifts – to use to help and strengthen others.

1 Cor 12v31; 1Cor 14v1; 1 Cor 14v12; 1Cor 14v39 Be zealous to prophesy.

7. Good works  – that Jesus has for me to do.

Titus 2v14 our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify to himself a peculiar (acquired people) zealous for good works. 

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