The Difference Jesus makes in us and for us

2 Cor 4v13-5v10

The difference Jesus makes in us

1. We believe and therefore speak because we know. 4v13

2. We do not lose heart. 4v16

3. We fix our eyes on what is unseen. 4v18

4. We know we have a house in heaven. 5v1

5. We long to be in our heavenly home. 5v2

6. We are confident that this is not our permanent home. 5v6

7. We walk by faith, not by sight. – looking to be with Jesus 5v7,8

8. We make it our goal to please him. 5v9

9. We will see Jesus and receive from him. 5v10

The difference Jesus makes for us

1. God who raised Jesus will raise us with him and each other. 4v14

2. God has prepared a permanent residence for us 5v1

3. God has made us for this purpose (fellowship with Him) 5v5

4. God has given us the Holy Spirit as our deposit/guarantee 5v5.

5. Jesus (nobody else!) is the Decider about us 5v10

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