Jesus comes alongside us to give us fresh hope

1. They were committed to Jesus but they did not understand his ways.

1. He had died for their personal redemption.

2. They were expecting revival but it had not happened in the way they had been expecting.

2. He had risen from the dead to release the power of His Kingdom into the whole world.

3. They had their own committed ideas about what was going to happen – and they were wrong.

3. He had given them signs.

4. They had disappointed expectations.

4. He did not leave them to go disappointed.

5. They had agreed with one another in a wrong choice.

5. He went to where they were.

6. They had left – they weren’t expecting anything more to happen.

6. He did not shame or embarrass them.

7. They had decided that whatever was happening – it was for others – not for them.

7. Jesus went with them even though they thought he wasn’t.

8. They were trying to make sense of things on their own terms – within the boundaries they had set.

8. Jesus interfered in their conversation.

9. They had some good doctrine but it was incomplete.

9. He questioned their sadness.

10. They were sceptical about anything supernatural.

10. He gave them something to smile about later.

11. They were dismissive of women’s ministry.

11. He rebuked them – he did not reject them.

12. They were limited in their knowledge and did not realise it.

12. He opened up the Scriptures to them about himself.

13. They were negative in their assessment and reaction.

13. He made his ongoing presence a matter of their invitation.

14. It was Revival Day and they were walking away from it.

14. He accepted them – sat at table with them.

15. Their unbelief put them in the place of not recognising Jesus.

15. He revealed himself to them.

16. He gave them space – room to respond.

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