Jesus warnings of wrong roads

Matt 5 -7

1. Don’t hide the light of Jesus. Matthew 5v14-16

2. Don’t think that little wrongs don’t matter. Matt 5v17-20

3. Don’t say cruel things to people. 5v22-24

4. Don’t want things that you have no right to. 5v27-30

5. Don’t get your own back on someone who does wrong to you. 5v38-48

6. Don’t show off. 6v1-18

7. Don’t love money and being rich. 6v19-24

8. Don’t worry when you should be trusting. 6v25-34

9. Don’t look for what is wrong in others. 7v1-5

10. Don’t go with people who say they know a better road. 7v15-20

11. Don’t just do Christian things but without Jesus. 7v21-23

12. Don’t just learn things about Jesus. 7v 24-27

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