Instant Housegroup

Instructions: Give each person in the group a copy of this sheet. Let them each choose any one of the things to say something about (or more than one after everyone has had the opportunity to take part).

Psalm 107v2 – Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

  1. a place that is special to you in your relationship with God.
  2. a person who has been special to you in your experience of Jesus.
  3. a “coincidence” that happened which showed that God was involved.
  4. an event you attended which was a particular blessing to you.
  5. Preaching you heard which affected you deeply.
  6. a time when God used you (perhaps unexpectedly?)
  7. a book you read which changed your thinking.
  8. a story of God providing for you.
  9. a story of God protecting or rescuing you.
  10. a verse from the Bible which is precious to you.
  11. a picture or word that the Holy Spirit gave you for yourself.
  12. a time when you felt the power of the Kingdom of heaven.
  13. a turning point in your life in your relationship with Jesus.
  14. something you discovered when reading the Bible.
  15. a prophetic word or picture that someone had for you.
  16. a special time of fellowship.
  17. when you did something for the first time in your Christian experience.
  18. a time when you felt God’s love in special way.
  19. something you saw change as a result of prayer.
  20. an unexpected blessing.

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