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This is the text of the booklet, “Talk about Jesus” which you can download free.


This booklet is a partner to the Jesus card which was designed to encourage you to talk about Jesus with your friends.

1. If you want to talk about Jesus it will help you to know more about what to say and how to say it.

2. If you have seen the Jesus card and you want to discover about Jesus for yourself it will explain more to you.

3. If you want to explore on your own or in a group what the Bible says about knowing Jesus, you can look up the Bible verses that are mentioned with each subject.

When you know someone who is

• stronger than evil

• never lets you down

• does the impossible

• makes your life special

You can

• turn from whatever has spoiled your life

• trust his friendship

• tell out what you discover

• and take in his special gift.



1. Jesus lived a completely pure life.

• Even Pilate who gave permission for him to be crucified said that he found no reason for him to be accused of wrongdoing.

• Luke 23v1-24


2. Jesus said no to every temptation to do wrong.

• When Satan tried to get Jesus to change the way he did things, he refused.

• Luke 4v1-13


3. Jesus did what he had decided to do, and did not let anything stop him.

• When some people were angry with Jesus and were going to throw him off a cliff, Jesus walked straight through them.

• Luke 4v16-30


4. Jesus set people free from whatever was spoiling their lives.

• Even a man whose life had been totally wrecked by powerful evil spirits was completely renewed when he met Jesus.

• Luke 8v26-39


5. Jesus changed people’s way of living from evil to good.

• One man, who had cheated people in the past said, “I will now give half my belongings to the poor, and if I have cheated anyone, I will pay back four times the amount.”

• Luke 19v1-10


6. Jesus’ death broke the power of evil.

• It was the purpose of Jesus to destroy all the works of the Devil.  • 1 John 3v8

• Before he died, Jesus said, “It is finished.”  • John 19v28-30

• His rising from death proved that he had done it.  • Romans 1v4


7. Jesus came to give us a life set free from all the effects of evil.

• Jesus said that Satan comes as a thief to steal, kill and destroy, but that he has come to bring life in all its fullness.

• John 10v10


8. Jesus gives power to his followers to be stronger than evil.

• Jesus instructed his disciples to set people free from evil spirits.  • Luke 9v1

• Jesus gave his followers authority to overcome all the power of the enemy.  • Luke 10v19





Have you turned from everything that has spoiled your life?

Below is a list of things that spoil life.

Ask God to heal your hurts that others have caused and to show you anything that you should turn from.

Don’t be afraid of having these things put right. The Holy Spirit mentions things to us only when it is the right time for those things to be dealt with in the right way.

• Wrong things that you have done.

• Wrong things that you have said yes to.

• Wrong things that others have done to you.

• Wrong things that others have said to you.

• Bad things that have happened in your life.

• Wrong ideas about what God is like.

• Wrong ideas about yourself.

• Filling your life with things that are not God’s best.

• Wanting things that it is not right for you to have.

• Going your own way rather than God’s way.

• Allowing evil spirits to affect your life.

• Not being prepared to forgive.


God’s promise is that if we confess our sins – that means agreeing with God that they are wrong, and that we are to blame for what we have done wrong, – he will forgive us completely and will make us clean from doing wrong.

• 1John 1v9


You can turn from whatever has spoiled your life by: 

1. agreeing that what God says is wrong is wrong.

It is important not only what we do, but also how we do it and why.

• Acts8v18-24


2. accepting that you are to blame for what you have done wrong.

Knowing what we have done wrong helps us know what needs to be put right.

• Luke 23v39-43


3. saying sorry for the hurt and damage you have caused.

Broken friendship with God and with others can be mended when we are willing to do this.

• Luke 15v11-32


4. opening your life to Jesus for him to make you clean from anything that has made you dirty.

He has the power to do for us what we cannot do ourselves.

• John13v6-10, John15v3


5. stopping doing things you know are wrong.

Jesus doesn’t want just to forgive us for doing wrong but also to stop us from doing wrong.

• John 8v11.


6. starting to do things you know you should be doing.

A changed life is not just what we say but what we do.

• Luke 3v7-14


7. avoiding doing things that may lead you into thinking or doing the wrong things.

We should be careful what we look at, listen to, and think about.

• Philippians 4v4-8


8. putting things right where you can with people that you have wronged.

God will help us to be humble and to know the right thing to do.

• Luke 19v8


9. letting go of wrong feelings towards others and being willing to forgive them for the wrong they have done to you.

Mentioning in prayer that we forgive them helps to let go wrong feelings.

• Matthew 18v21-35


10. changing your way of thinking and deciding to change what you do and how you live.

When we turn to Jesus, our whole life begins to be changed.

• Romans 12v1-2


Sometimes we need the help of others to get free of things that are like weeds and have become deeply rooted in our lives. If you find that there are wrong things that you seem unable to stop doing, ask someone you
trust to pray with you and help you.




1. Jesus always keeps his word.

He said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” and “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

• John 14v6, John 8v12


2. Jesus rescues you from the results of sin for ever.

God loved the world so much that he sent his only Son so that whoever believes in him will not die but will have eternal life.

• John 3v16


3. Jesus gives you protection against the Devil.

Jesus described himself as the Good Shepherd who will do whatever is needed to keep his sheep safe.

• John 10v1-30


4. Jesus will make sure you are provided with everything that you need.

He said to give first place to his Kingdom and rightness with God and then everything else you
need will be provided.

• Matthew 6v33


5. Jesus is alongside you in everything you face.

Jesus often told his followers that they had no need to be afraid.

• Luke 12v32, Matthew 28v20


6. Jesus will not reject you even when you let him down.

After the disciple Simon Peter had denied being a follower of Jesus, Jesus accepted him and used him for special work.

• Luke 22v31-34, v54-62, John 21v15-19


7. Jesus will guard you all the way to heaven.

Jesus promised a place in heaven to his followers – and he promised to get them there.

• John 14v1-4


8. Jesus will never stop loving you.

Whatever happens in life, nothing has the power to separate you from his love.

• Romans 8v35-38





Do you trust Jesus?

Being willing to trust someone depends on knowing that they are good and that we will be safe and won’t be harmed by trusting  them.

Some people get to know Jesus when they are very young and so learn to trust him in the smaller things of life before later giving their whole lives to him.

Others who discover Jesus later in their lives and realise how good he is, give their lives to him and then learn to trust him in the smaller things of life.

At whatever stage you are of getting to know Jesus, there is always another step of trust to take. We never stop learning to trust him.

Every new day and every new situation give us fresh opportunities to grow in trusting Jesus.

You can see if any of these points show you a step of trusting Jesus for you to take today.


1. accepting that Jesus died on the cross to put you right with God.

God’s love and friendship come to us through the death of Jesus.

• Romans 5v1-11


2. giving your whole life to Jesus.

This includes letting go of anything that stands in the way of us following Jesus.

• Mark 10v17-31


3. believing what Jesus says to you.

He will give us words of praise, encouragement, direction and correction.

• Matthew 16v15-23


4. accepting what Jesus gives you.

Jesus wants our lives to be full of the things he gives to us.

• Matthew 7v7-11, John 16v24


5. doing what Jesus says.

Obeying Jesus is a sure and strong foundation for our lives to be built on.

• Matthew 7v24-27


6. letting him lead you and guide you in the decisions you make.

He will keep us from wrong turnings so that we will fulfill his best plans for us.

• Acts 16v6-10


7. getting to know the Bible and obeying its teaching.

The Bible is full of things which help us to know Jesus better and which show us how to live for him.

• Luke 24v27-32


8. staying obedient to Jesus, even when others disagree.

It is not always easy but it is always worth it.

• Acts 5v27-32, v40-42


9. staying obedient to Jesus even when things don’t seem to be working out right.

When things are hard, we don’t know what may be about to happen.

• Acts 16v22-40


10. staying obedient to Jesus even when it does not seem the best way to you at the time.

The plans that Jesus has are far greater than what we can see.

• Mark 1v35-39


11. talking to Jesus and listening to him every day.

Friendship with Jesus is not just a part of life but a whole new way of living.

• John 15


12. believing in his power to heal.

Jesus’ kingdom power is released through those who believe in him.

• Matthew 8v5-13


13. always saying yes to Jesus.

Sometimes we will not understand why Jesus is doing what he is doing, but he always has a good reason.

• John 13v3-17


14. relying on him for a place in heaven for ever with him.

It is through trusting ourselves to Jesus that we receive eternal life.

• John 17v1-3, v24





1. Jesus changes people’s hearts.

Saul of Tarsus (Paul), who had been completely against followers of Jesus, became a strong follower of Jesus himself.

• Acts 9


2. Jesus brings healing to people’s bodies, minds, emotions and spirits.

He can even bring dead people back to life.

• Mark 5


3. Jesus brings a peace and joy that the world cannot give or take away.

He said, “My peace I give to you” and “I have told you these this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”

• John 14v27, John 15v9-12


4. Jesus changes situations – he does miracles – nothing is beyond his power.

He fed more than 5000 from five loaves and two fishes. He calmed a storm.

•  Mark 6v30-44, Mark 4v35-41


5. Jesus can make things fit into perfect timing.

When people warned him that Herod wanted to kill him, he said to tell him that he was going to continue with what he had planned. “I will drive out demons today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will reach my goal”.

• Luke 13v31-33


6. Jesus makes us able to face things that we could not face without him.

The disciple Peter, who had been too afraid to say he followed Jesus, was made able to stand up in front of everyone in Jerusalem
and preach about Jesus.

• Acts 2


7. Jesus rose from the dead – proving that he is the Son of God.

Jesus overcoming death sets us free from the fear of it.

• Acts 2v22-24, Hebrews 2v14-15


8. Jesus is able to overcome every obstacle.

He said, “Be brave, I have overcome the world.”

• John16v33


9. Jesus gives his people authority and power to do the sort of things he did.

He said that those who have faith in him will do what he did – and even do greater things.

• John 14v12.





Are you telling out what you have discovered?

You can tell out in  

• conversation – sharing with others what you know.

• the way you live – in being loving, caring, honest, and dedicated to Jesus.

• being baptised – showing others that you belong to Jesus.

• church life – taking part in services and meetings.

• the church’s work – helping in projects and programmes which introduce people to Jesus.

• using Holy Spirit gifts – having special words which show God’s love.

• praise and worship – expressing your love for Jesus with songs and music.

• using skills and abilities – sharing Jesus’ message in creative ways e.g. dance, drama, art,



You can tell out what you discover by

1. telling out who Jesus is.

When he was asked, Simon Peter said, “You are the Messiah, the son of the living God.”

• Matthew 16v13-16


2. telling out what Jesus came to do.

Children in the temple shouted out “Hosanna, son of David” – Hosanna means “Save now!” so they were telling exactly what Jesus had come to do.

• Matthew 21v15


3. explaining  what Jesus has done in your life.

The blind man that Jesus healed did not know much about him, but he was able to say, “One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see.”

• John 9v25


4. explaining the things that Jesus is doing.

On the day of Pentecost when people were wondering what was happening, Peter explained that this is what had been prophesied – that the Holy Spirit would be poured out.

• Acts 2v14-21


5. helping people all over the world to know about Jesus.

Jesus told his followers to make disciples of all nations and to baptise them and teach them.

• Matthew 28v18-20


6. helping people with words or actions that the Holy Spirit gives you for them.

When Jesus shared such words with Nathanael, it showed him that he could put his trust in Jesus.

• John1v43-51


7. being in touch with people in need to bring them a touch of heaven.

To a lame man at the temple, Peter said, “I will give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!” And he was healed.

• Acts 3v1-10


8. helping others who are close to you.

A man whose life was changed by Jesus was told, “Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.”

• Mark 5v18-20


9. giving an answer to those who oppose you following Jesus.

Jesus told his disciples not to worry what to say or how to say it, because the Holy Spirit would give them words to say.

• Matthew 10v17-20


10. showing openly that you belong to Jesus and are following him.

When you love someone, you don’t mind people knowing it.

• Luke 7v36-50




Although we should never be ashamed of being seen to belong to Jesus, this does not mean that we always have to tell everyone everything!

• When Jesus was born, although Mary knew wonderful things about her son, she “kept all the things that were said about him in her heart.”

• Luke 2v19


• When Jesus brought Jairus’ daughter back to life, he told her parents not to tell anyone what had happened.

• Mark5v43


• When Jesus healed a man who had leprosy, he told him not to tell anyone.

• Mark 1v40-45


• When Simon Peter declared his belief that Jesus was the Messiah, the son of God, Jesus told his disciples not to tell anyone this at that time.

• Matthew 16v13-20


• When Jesus was on trial, he did not reply to the accusations against him.

• Matthew 27v11-14

In each of these situations there were good reasons for not telling out.  It was not because people were afraid or ashamed. In every case it was so that the purposes of God would not be hindered.

There will be times like that for us when it is right to keep quiet and to not answer questions.





1. Jesus loves you and accepts you.

Jesus loved us enough to die for us and he gives to everyone who receives him the right to be one of God’s children.

• John 3v16, John 1v12


2. Jesus is ready to forgive you, whatever you have done in the past.

Even if we have wasted all that God has given us, and even if we have been totally against God, he will still forgive us.

• Luke 15v11-32, 1 Timothy 1v12-16


3. Jesus gives you a new life.

He does not just change what we do, or what happens to us, he changes us.

• 2Corinthians 5v17


4. Jesus gives you a place of belonging in his family.

He gives us partnership, friendship and togetherness with all those who love him.

• John 1v12, 1John 1v1-4, Romans 8v14-17, Galatians 3v26-28


5. Jesus gives you the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is with us always to fill our lives and to help us to grow to be more and more like Jesus.

• John 14v15-17, Galatians 5v22-23


6. Jesus brings you into God’s purpose for your life.

God has had things in mind for our lives since before we were born.

• Jeremiah 1 v4-10, Romans 8v28-30


7. Jesus calls you to be a special person and to do special things for him.

He wants us to work with him for his kingdom.

• John 15v9-16, Ephesians 2v10


8. Jesus gives you eternal life with a place in heaven when you die.

Nothing can take away the special gift of life which Jesus gives us.

• John 10v27- 29, John 14v1-7





Have you taken in his special gift?


Jesus’ special gift to you is the Holy Spirit. 

• John 20v21-22, Acts 1v4-5


Knowing the Holy Spirit and why he is given helps us to receive him and to learn how to grow in our experience of what he wants to give us.


1.The Holy  Spirit is a gift to us of God’s love.

God has poured his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit he has given us.

• Romans 5v5


2. The Holy Spirit is a gift to us of God’s power.

We are given the power to live and speak for Jesus and to overcome the power of evil.

• Acts 1v8, 1John 4v4


3. The Holy Spirit is a gift to us of God’s instruction.

He is given to us so that we can know everything that we need to know to live for Jesus.

• John 14v26, John 16v5-15


4. The Holy Spirit is a gift to us of God’s life.

The Holy Spirit working in our lives makes us grow in living like Jesus.

• Galatians 5v22,23


5. The Holy Spirit is a gift to us of God’s ability.

He brings special gifts for us to use including gifts of

• wisdom – knowing what to do.

• knowledge – knowing things from God.

• faith – believing in God for big things.

• healing – by praying for people.

• miracles – doing things other people can’t.

• prophecy – passing on what God is saying.

• discernment – knowing what is going on.

• tongues – special words for prayer, worship and beating the devil.

• interpretation – explaining what things mean.

•1 Corinthians 12v1-11


6. The Holy Spirit is a gift to us of God living in us.

The Holy Spirit is sometimes called:

• the Spirit of God  • Matthew 3v16, Acts 2v17

• the Spirit of the Lord  • Luke 4v18

• the Spirit of your Father • Matthew 10v20

• the Spirit of God’s Son • Galatians 4v6

• the Spirit of Jesus • Acts 16v7

• the Spirit of Christ • Romans 8v9


In describing the Holy Spirit being given, Jesus said it would be how he and his Father would come and live in us.

• John 14v17,23




1. giving your life to Jesus.

The promise is made that those who turn from sin and commit themselves openly to Jesus will receive the Holy Spirit.

• Acts 2v38


2. asking.

Our heavenly Father wants us to receive the Holy Spirit  • Luke 11v13

Jesus wants us to be filled with the Holy Spirit • John 4v10, John 7v37-39


3. loving and obeying Jesus.

If we want to do what Jesus wants, the Holy Spirit will give us everything we need to do it.

• John 14v14-27


4. praising, worshipping  and giving thanks.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the way we are meant to live each day.

• Ephesians 5v18-20.


5. praying.

Praying with others for what God wants releases the Holy Spirit’s power.

• Acts 4v29-31


6. listening to preaching.

The Holy Spirit makes God’s Word come alive in our hearts.

• Acts 10v44-48.


7. being prayed for.

The Holy Spirit can come through others laying their hands on us and praying for him to bless us.

• Acts 8v14-17


Sometimes things in our past can get in the way of us experiencing the Holy Spirit. We can be helped to be free to receive all that the Holy Spirit has for us when people who know the Holy Spirit well pray with us.


(Talk about Jesus – a Young Resources publication – written by Graeme C. Young)



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