Talk About Jesus

Talk about Jesus is a 20-page study booklet, written by Graeme Young, on knowing Jesus and introducing others to him. It has been designed to accompany the Young Resources Jesus Cards, which are available in packs of 10 for £1.00.

For those using the Jesus cards to talk about Jesus with their friends, Talk about Jesus will help them in what to say. For those who show an interest in the message on the card, it would be a good gift to help them to get to know Jesus for themselves. For those who want to see more of what the Bible says about what is on the Jesus cards, it will point them to useful passages to read and study.

Talk about Jesus looks at how Jesus is stronger than evil, never lets you down, does the impossible and can make your life special. It also explains why and how you can turn from whatever has spoiled your life, trust his friendship, tell out what you discover and take in his special gift. The booklet costs £1.50 and comes with three Jesus Cards enclosed.

Graeme writes:
“Eight year old Fiona’s dad told me that she had come home from school one day and said that children there had been talking about Jesus but that she had not known what to say to them. I hope that this booklet will help Fiona and others like her who want to talk about Jesus.”

Although this booklet has been written with children in mind, it should prove equally useful for young people and adults. Discipleship groups could find this a particularly profitable and practical resource.

 Single copy £1.50. Five copies £6.00.

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All prices include post and packing.

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