Jesus is with us in all aspects of life

Psalm 23   

Jesus is with us in the

1. Cry of Life

for relationship – the Lord is my shepherd

  • not shepherdless
  • not any other – the Lord
  • not just a shepherd or the shepherd but my shepherd
  • not will be or may be but is

How?  recognising him – voluntarily giving our lives to him

for security  –  I shall not be in want  – comfort, fear, worry, covetousness all taken care of

contentment – not the goal, but the starting point

for food – something to fill, to satisfy – to fill our emptiness, hunger in green pastures

His Word – food for our minds, our emotions, our spirits, our bodies

He makes me – not work, not fight, not suffer, but – rest – eat – grow

for refreshment  – peace – still waters – Holy Spirit

dry and thirsty – Is 55 come to the waters and drink freely

a trustworthy source.

emphasis – commitment or receiving

for breath –  restores my soul  – breathed into man – living soul

spiritual breathing –

spiritual exercise – they that wait upon the Lord…

older you get, the more you need it?

2. Calling of Life – he leads me in paths of righteousness, for his name’s sake

calling – for his name – life for his honour  – (Kevin in bank)

– if path you are on is not righteous – he has not led you there (all we like sheep..)

– any path he has led you on or is guiding you on is the right path – even when it seems to lead to a “dead end”.

It will honour him if we walk in his path without understanding why.

3. Crises of Life – though I walk through the valley – not a dwelling place.

shadow – passes

difficult dark days – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically

fear no evil to body, mind, emotions, spirit

you are with me

crook and club – care and protection defence

There are times when we are not expected to fight for ourselves.

4. Conflicts of Life – they will come – battle-scarred wounded soldiers

fit battle into life, not life into the battle

we are not to fight on an empty stomach

whenever we face a conflict, however unprepared we are, the Holy Spirit has already made his preparations. You prepare

5. Challenges of Life – anointed – chosen, set apart, Christed

live under the anointing – don’t go outside it

step into the place of his calling – step into the place of his anointing

cup overflows – Holy Spirit resources and flow to meet the challenge

Acts – new challenges – filled with the Holy Spirit

2v4 pentecost, 4v8 before the council, 4v31 threats/prayermeeting

9v17 Saul 13v8 facing sorcerer

serving others from the overflow of the Holy Spirit in our lives

6. Changes of Life – surely goodness and mercy shall follow me

looking around, or ahead, sometimes we don’t recognise them.

-looking back we see them 

– reassurance as we grow older! – all the days of my life

changing seasons of our lives – Goodness and Mercy – the clearing-up angels – mopping up everything behind us. Mercy is the word chesed  – lovingkindness.

7. Context of Life – we live our lives in the context of our home

our place of belonging is God’s home – in togetherness with all his family. – “we go in and out and find pasture”

free access – Kingdom of God is at hand

context of our life is our place of belonging with Jesus

context of our life here is that we are operating out of our heavenly home – and that while we live in our tent here, our permanent residence is booked and prepared.

– permanent, won’t be repossessed, all paid for, not going to deteriorate, no rent to pay…

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