How to be a Holy Spirit person like Simeon

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” Galatians 5v25

Lessons on walking in the Spirit from the example of Simeon Luke 2v25 -36

1. Holy Spirit interference– v25 “Behold! See what happens next! – (not “Now” as in NIV)

2. Holy Spirit ordinariness – v25 – a man (just a man) whose name was Simeon.

3. Holy Spirit placement – v25 –  a man in Jerusalem.

4. Holy Spirit difference – v25 – this man (as distinct from other people in Jerusalem – other Simeons)

5. Holy Spirit character –v25 just, righteous integrity

6. Holy Spirit lifestyle –v25  devout  – taking hold of well – got a grip (Acts 2v5)

7. Holy Spirit anticipation v25–  towards receiving – not waiting to see if, but waiting for when.

8. Holy Spirit focus – v25 the consolation of Israel – the calling alongside God’s people – JESUS – revival

9. Holy Spirit anointing – v25 Holy Spirit was upon him – outshining of our relationship with Jesus.

10. Holy Spirit revelation– v26 It was revealed – had dealings – personal transaction.

11. Holy Spirit life plan v26 – not to see death before seeing Lord’s anointed – Messiah.

12. Holy Spirit prompting v27 – came by the Spirit into the temple courts – did he know why?

13. Holy Spirit intervention v27 – they came to fulfil custom of the law – Holy Spirit above and beyond that.

14. Holy Spirit vision v27-28  “That’s him!”

15. Holy Spirit relationship with Jesus v28  receiving Jesus when he comes

16. Holy Spirit submission v29 – Master / servant

17. Holy Spirit fulfilment v29,30 “I can die happy”

18. Holy Spirit message v31 32 – in the face of  all people, uncovering from the nations, glory – outshining from Israel .

19. Holy Spirit blessing “word of knowledge” – Joseph and Mary marvelled

20. Holy Spirit prophetic word – v34,35 – general and personal (not all an easy road)

21. Holy Spirit unseen – most of Simeon’s life unseen

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