Spying Out The Land

Spying Out the Land is a 58-page A4 book, which tells Graeme Young’s story of children he knew (including his own children!) and their experiences of the Holy Spirit. It covers the years from 1987 to 1999 when the book was written.

(You can read the text of Spying out the Land and download it free from the page Children and the Holy Spirit)

This book is:

  • for boys and girl – to encourage your faith for what Jesus wants to do with you.
  • for parents – to help you to know what to expect your children to be involved in.
  • for children’s workers and helpers – for your partnership with boys and girls.
  • for church leaders – to help you to make room for what is happening with children.

Children and prophetic pictures, words, thoughts and feelings, dreams, prayer, tongues and healing, vision, discipleship, leadership and partnership, evangelism, preaching, singing and dancing, touching heaven, preparing for revival – it’s all here!

If you believe it but haven’t seen it, or you’ve seen it but don’t believe it, this book will inform, instruct and hopefully inspire you.

The book is divided into 19 chapters, in the following five sections: Discovering the Land, Viewing the Land, Exploring the Land, Adventuring in the Land and Living in the Land. It is illustrated by children’s pictures and words. Spying Out the Land is a softback book with a colour front cover, which is pictured above.

An Excerpt:
We had some special ‘open airs’ in Canterbury in the annual family conference. Here is 11-year-old Jane’s description of one of these times:”We went on an open air as part of the Canterbury Christian Family Conference. The night before we had prayed that some of us would receive gifts of prophecy, discernment and healing. Now we were going round in threes – a healer and a speaker for God with one adult. We went round as the open air was going on looking for people to talk to. We met a lady who had her whole home in plastic bags around her. Her budgies were sitting in a cage beside her. We talked to her and asked her if she had anything she would like us to pray about. She showed us a “little” wasp sting on her arm. Her whole arm was swollen and red. We laid hands on it and prayed, then she hurried away.

“We also talked to a little girl who was about six or seven. She had never heard of God or Jesus before. She was so open as we talked to her; though she questioned some of the things we said, she never made excuses or said we were being silly. As our adult was talking to someone else, it was just us two girls but still she accepted everything we said, and she was very interested. Her mum then came and took her away but I feel we did something for that girl.

“Then we talked to a woman who was very religious but had some funny ideas about God. It was hard for us to talk to her as she was stubborn about what she thought, but when she went we prayed for her that she might see the truth.

“We next found a man who would only talk to our adult, Karen. The other girl and I prayed in a corner and she came up with a word and I had a picture. When we shared them we found I had a picture of someone standing at the deep end of the swimming pool not sure if they should dive in, and then at last diving in and coming up safely. The other girl had one word – “Trust”. We told Karen to tell him we thought he should trust God and dive in and God’s Spirit would help him to swim. She told him and he thanked us again and again then left. Karen told us that he had been on the edge of ‘diving in’, but he had done that before and bad things had happened to him so he felt God had let him down and he had sunk. Karen said those words God gave us would help him a lot.”

Spying out the Land is available for £5.00.

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