Backward Baptism

We tend to think of baptism as a cutting off from the past.

So when John the Baptist came we see it as a “new move” of God.. It is – but it is linked right back 700 years into “a voice of one crying in the wilderness”.

Anyway – we have the John move of God and then comes Jesus . He is the one who is going to carry the new move of God. John recognises that and so says that he ought to be baptised by Jesus. He recognises that Jesus’ ministry is going to supersede his own, and is therefore; ready to sink his “move” into Jesus’ move.

However, Jesus says no and insists that he should be baptised by John “for thus it becomes us to fulfil all righteousness.”

So for the new move to blossom, it is put in the flow of the previous move.

And then in John1v31 John says, “I knew him not – but that he should be made manifest to Israel – therefore am I come baptising with water”. So the purpose of John’s move was to identify the next one. He kept baptising people until he baptised one upon whom the Spirit came and rested – and he was made manifest.

He was seen – not when John talked about him, or in John baptising others but when John baptised him.

The new move was made manifest in the relationship of the previous move.

So for a proper manifestation and release into the move of God that is God’s purpose for me,

I need a proper relationship with the previous moves that have in some way prepared for the new move. Not a cutting off – although it is right to be cut off from the bad and negative – not a restricting to the boundaries of the previous moves – eg “John’s disciples fast and yours don’t” – but a baptism of recognition and acknowledgement of the purposes of God being in that previous move – and that honouring that fulfils righteousness – and gives room for an open heaven and the anointing, driving and empowering of the Holy Spirit into the present move.

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