Prophetic Expectation of Children

A focussed expectation of what can happen with children will come from receiving what God has said and is saying to us about them.

1 We can Expect things to be Different from our Experience so far

  • God told the Israelites in the desert that their children’s experience would be different from theirs. “But your little ones, whom you said would be a prey – them will I bring in, and they will know the land which you have despised.” (Numbers 14:31)

2 We can Expect Children to be Fully Involved in Holy Spirit Ministry

  • In describing what would happen when the Holy Spirit is poured out, the first thing mentioned in Acts 2:17 is that “your sons and daughters will prophesy.

3 We can Expect that what has Happened in the Past can Happen Again

4 We can Expect that what is Happening with Children in Other Countries Experiencing Revival can Happen Here

  • Accounts from Argentina in recent years, for example, show children involved in powerful evangelistic, healing, intercession and deliverance ministries.

5 We can Expect things to Happen with Children Where We Are

  • Many contemporary prophecies indicate that children in the UK have a special place in God’s purposes in coming revival.
  • See particularly Jean Darnall’s prophecy.

6 We can Expect that what has Begun will Expand

  • In the past fifteen years in the UK there has been a significant growth in the experience of children in Holy Spirit gifts and ministry.
  • “Spying out the Land” – available from Young Resources – gives an account of this.

7 We can Expect God to Give us a Personal Vision

  • Since God is doing new things among children in this generation, the Holy Spirit will give us fresh insight into our place in his plans.

8 We can Expect to Implement a Fellowship Vision

  • Where churches recognise, make room for, and incorporate what God is doing with children, then this will provide the best setting for the fulfilment and safeguarding of this work.

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