Being like the “Wise Men” for Jesus

Being like the “Wise Men” for Jesus – Matthew Ch 2

1. Unknown but important for Jesus    –    From the east is all we know.

2. Hearts for Jesus    –    They knew his importance.

3. Treasure for Jesus    –    They were blessed with things they could give.

4. On the lookout for Jesus    –    They recognised the sign when it came.

5. Prepared to be on the move for Jesus    –    Their lives were disrupted by going.

6. Adventure of faith for Jesus    –    They did not know where to find him.

7. Facing a negative response to enthusiasm for Jesus    –    Jerusalem was troubled.

8. Looking in the Scriptures for Jesus    –    The information they needed was there.

9. Guarded by the Holy Spirit for Jesus    –    They needed Holy Spirit discernment.

10. Walking by the Scriptures for Jesus    –    They find themselves on the right road.

11. Joy in continuing for Jesus    –    They get the confirmation and reassurance.

12. Guidance to the right place for Jesus    –    They were taken to the right house.

13. Everything for Jesus    –    Themselves / their worship/ their gifts.

14. Back home for Jesus    –    Unknown but still important for Jesus.

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