Jesus shares our feelings

“We do not have a high priest who cannot sympathise with our weaknesses” Heb.4v15

(the words in italics show what the meaning of the “feeling” words are in the original Greek)

1. Hunger, tiredness, thirst.

Matt4v2 temptations; Mk11v12 fig tree

John 4v6,7 – at the well

Jesus understands our needs.

2. Surprise at things being different from expected.

to marvel/wonder

Matt8v10 centurion’s faith (more than he expected)

Mk6v6 Nazareth acquaintances (less than he expected)

Jesus feels our faith level. – Surprise Jesus by having more faith than he expects from you!

3. Compassion for wearied, downcast,

and those needing healing.

to feel it in your stomach

Matt 9v36 crowds; Mk8v2 followers

Matt 14v14 crowd healing; Matt 20v34 blind men; Mk1v41 leper.

Jesus cares for us.

4. Wishing things were different, longing/regret.

Matt 23v37 Jerusalem; Lk19v41

“klaio” – to wail cry out loud

Don’t refuse Jesus’ hug, or his mission.

5.Troubled by pressure of future.

pressed in

Lk12v49-50 “I came to set a fire”

stirred up

Jn12v27 “save me from this hour?”

Jn13v21 “One of you will betray me”

Jesus said, “Let not your hearts be troubled.” Jn14v1,27

6. Anger at things not being right for people.

Mk3v5 angry and pained; withered hand;

Mk10v14 (originally signifying a violent physical irritation; also used of wine fermenting) rejection ofchildren;

zeal – energy/enthusiasm – consumed Jn2v17 temple.

Jesus hates blocks to experiencing his Kingdom.

7. Being used to bless others.

power flow

Mk5v30 touching his cloak

When Jesus touches our lives, he feels it.

8. Dissatisfaction with things not being right.

groan; from inward feeling of sorrow

Mk 7v34 deaf man; Mk 8v12 pharisees

Are we dissatisfied as Jesus is?

9. Grief with others going through loss.

loud groan – used of a horse snorting; was troubled Jn11v33

wept shed tears v35,

groaned in himself v38 with Martha and Mary.

Jesus weeps with those who weep.

10. Loving friendship.

looked at him with love (Jesus’ feelings visible to those looking on)

Mk 10v21 rich man;


with desire I have desire – really wanted Lk22v15

disciples fellowship meal.

Jesus values our fellowship.

11. Appreciation at love being shown.

fine/beautiful thing

Mk 14v6 alabaster jar

Our love for Jesus can bring others to him.

12. Crushing agony of unbearable circumstances.

sorrowful/grief and heaviness dejection depression distress Matt 26v37,38;crushed with anguish

sore amazed, struck immovable; weighed downMk14v33;

agony – IN Vine’s dictionary of New Testament words it says that agonia (agony) was sometimes used by the Greeks as an alternative to agon, A place of assembly: then for the contests or games which took place there, and then to denote severe emotional strain and anguish.)

I find this a graphic picture of Gethsemane as the place where everything was coming together to contest with Jesus

Lk22v44 Gethsemane

Jesus did not just suffer with us, he suffered for us.

13. Rejoicing at the advance of Jesus’ Kingdom.

rejoiced/exulted/celebrated agalliao

Lk10v21 successful mission

not I thank or I praise, but I confess

(I am glad to announce!)

to nepios – non-speakers

Jesus celebrates our success in the work of His Kingdom.

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