Hands on Praying

Here is a step by step framework to introduce children to hands on praying.

1 Introduction

  • Tell the children that Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is “at hand”. That means that it is near enough to get hold of. We can think of heaven being just above our heads, so that if we reach up a hand we can get hold of whatever blessings God has for people, then if we reach out to someone with our other hand, we can pass on to them what the Holy Spirit wants to give or say.

2 Form a Circle and Pray

  • A good experiment is for the group to form a circle and to put one person in the middle to be prayed for. This sort of praying can be used for healing, general blessing, help with a particular need, and release of the Holy Spirit.
  • Encourage the children to know that they are involved simply by having a hand on the person, then to see if they have a prayer in words for the person. Even if they have nothing specific to say, encourage them to begin speaking, for example, “Lord Jesus, thank you for John. I want you to bless him and…” (It is amazing what the Holy Spirit gives once they get started). Notice what the children pray and ask them about it, “Why did you pray that? Had you thought about it before you said it?” Help them to see that the Holy Spirit is giving them things to say. “Is there anything else that anyone feels we should do or say?” Ask the person who is being prayed for, “In what ways were the things they prayed special for you? What did you feel when you were being prayed for?” Encourage the children to move from prayers of asking God, to speaking out what they feel God wants to say and do with the person being prayed for.
  • Experimenting with hands on praying helps to introduce children to receiving the Holy Spirit, and passing on to others.

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