Jesus’ Expectation of Children

Jesus’ Kingdom is designed with children in mind. Jesus shows how He expects them to be involved.

1. Children will experience and enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus said to adults, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

2. Children will come to him and know him.

Jesus called the children to Him, and said, “Let the children come to me.” (Luke 18:15-16)

3. Children will feel his love for them.

He took them up in His arms. He placed his hands on each of them and spoke to them. (Mark 10:13-16)

4. Children will be serving and working in his Kingdom.

He used what a child gave. (John 6:9)

He showed that “being about Father’s business” is the natural place for a child to be. (Luke 2:49)

5. Children will possess and explore the Kingdom of Heaven.

He said about children, “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” It belongs to them. (Matthew 19:14-15)

6. Children will shout and show his Kingdom.

(They will worship, praise, proclaim Jesus and his Kingdom, and be involved in fighting evil.)

He welcomed what the children did and he spoke up for them. (Matthew 21:15-16) (Psalm 8v2)

7. Children will carry and bring Jesus.

When children are welcomed, Jesus is there. (Mark 9:36-37)

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