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Here are some edited comments of those who have been reading Luke into Jesus.

Church leader: (having bought 50 for his young people, then recommending it to his church’s housegroups)
 It just walks you through the book of Luke and I think it’s really helpful. It kind of has a way of bringing theology into you, but at the same time, encouragement of what the Lord might want to say to you.

Young couple: Lots of truth, particularly about how the Holy Spirit acts in us and how God’s plans are awesome and beyond our understanding. Much to discuss and we are enjoying discovering the gospel in a new way.

Sunday school leader: We are using it with our primary school age children, focussing on one chapter as a topic guide each week. It has opened our eyes to the richness of Luke and is presented in short, easy to read chapters that are ideally pitched for this age group.

Boys Brigade: Good structure, useful points/tips for our leaders in Boys’ Brigade Bible Class (age 12-18).

Busy policeman: I like the format. You can also pick up the book at any time and study even a small part which makes it handy if you have not got much time!

Church minister in training: I liked the way Graeme shows how the Holy Spirit was involved in the life and ministry of Jesus and how He can be involved in our lives too. This is a very useful ‘how to’ book – it’s fun, exciting and brings the Christian
journey to life. I’d recommend it to Christians young or old!

Experienced Christian man: I am hearing God speak to me through it. As a Christian of over 40 years I really appreciate how the book highlights Jesus’ dependence on, and relationship with, the Holy Spirit. If I want to follow Jesus can I live any other way? I’m going through it for a second time and I suspect it will not be the last time!

Experienced Christian woman: A very readable book; such a lovely feel to it. I’m using it as a daily devotional. God has been showing me something new every day – what a blessing.

Young man: Very easy to read and comprehend. It is nice how various aspects of life at the time of Jesus are expounded on gradually as one reads through the book – really useful resource to introduce new Christians to.

Cell Group Leader: I am using it with an adult cell group as it really engages people and is clear and direct.

Men’s Group Organiser: The language is modern – not stuffy – and in each chapter, gave a continuing thread, without jumping about as some do. I liked the way the sections gave a good working structure.

Church elder: I’ve been using the book myself with a view to recommending it to the church to give to new communicants. I find it very user friendly and I like the layout. Having the historical background explained makes for easier understanding
of the passage – simple explanations without being patronising to mature students.

Scripture Union camp leader: A unique book – in the format of a study guide or a commentary, but written in the style of an introductory book aimed at younger readers. Insightful – particularly some of the informing sections where I learned interesting useful new facts about the context of Luke. Taking the time to work through Luke’s gospel guided by Luke into Jesus cannot fail to produce new insights into the gospel, and most importantly a deeper understanding of who Jesus is.

Youth for Christ team member: I’ve got to say that it’s got be one of the easiest books I have ever read. It is written in a way I really understand. I am really enjoying it, and once I have finished, I know a few people that would love to read it.

Youth for Christ Area Chairman: It makes the Gospel very relevant in people’s lives today. A lot of background detail which is very interesting and often not covered in other studies. It almost leaves no stone unturned, but manages to do it in very
readable way. Gems here and there to make people ponder, and take them right into the story as it happens. The description of the meaning of the word ‘inspire’, and the emphasis of the Holy Spirit moving in everything for a purpose, is good in helping to understand that God is fulfilling His plans daily in everything that happens. I lent it to one of our church team to try
out on a group of new believers, where we have been struggling to find something which is just right for them, and it is going
down well with them.

Twelve year old boy: It is easy to read and understand. I like the way it poses questions and then answers them. I did not know that Jesus had brothers and sisters.

Nine year old girl: It is helping me understand Luke much better as I did not know much about it before. I didn’t know he was a Christian doctor. I would recommend it for people slightly older than me because some words are a bit difficult for me to understand but perhaps it would be fine if we were doing it as a family. I like that it has a map at the front so that I can see where all the places in Luke are. I like that it has different sections so that you can find the bits that you want to read instead of having to read through it all to find them. It is very useful so that I can read it and spend more time with God.

83 year old: I am reading a section each morning and finding them very helpful and thought provoking.



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