SIGHING (the same word is sometimes translated “groaning” or “grieving”)

In the places where the word SIGHING is used in the Bible, it has to do with:

being dissatisfied at a present condition, and looking for a different condition (where the kingdom of heaven is more fully expressed).


Mark 7v34 Faced with a man who is deaf and is suffering a speech impediment, Jesus is dissatisfied with his condition and changes it by healing him.

Mark 8v12 When the Pharisees are asking Jesus for a sign and trying to catch him out, Jesus is dissatisfied at the condition of that generation.

Romans 8v22 There is a dissatisfaction in the whole of creation in its present condition – there is something different to happen in the future.

Romans 8v23 There is a dissatisfaction in us in our present condition – in the future we will live in the fulfillment of the Kingdom of heaven.

Romans 8v26 The Holy Spirit is dissatisfied with the present condition.

2Corinthians 5v2,4 There is a dissatisfaction with the limitations and problems of our present bodies – in the future we will have heavenly ones.

Hebrews 13v17 This calls us to relate properly to our leaders so that they won’t have reason to sigh about us – that is they won’t be dissatisfied with how we are doing.

( their work will be a joy not a burden (sighing))

James 5v9 Don’t show dissatisfaction at the present condition of each other – be patient (v7,8)

In the Old Testament:

Exodus 2v23 The Israelites were dissatisfied at their conditions of slavery.

Job 3v24 Job is dissatisfied with his condition, “the thing I greatly feared is come upon me”.

Psalm 31v10 Dissatisfaction at the effects of a pressurised life

Isaiah 24v7 Dissatisfaction at the conditions which come in the judgement of God at continued sin.

Lamentations 1v4 The priests are dissatisfied because no one comes to Zion for the appointed worship.

Lamentations 1v11 The people are dissatisfied at their conditions of poverty – brought about by their sin.

Lamentations 1v20 Jeremiah is in distress because of what is happening – he looks for a new day (v21)

Ezekiel 9v4 God puts a mark on those who grieve and are dissatisfied with the prevalent sin, and they are saved from judgement.

Ezekiel 21v6,7 The prophet is told to sigh openly so that the people ask why and come to know clearly the condition they are in.

Sighing is saying:

Something has happened in the past which is contrary to what God wants.

The present condition that has resulted is not a happy one.

Things in the future should and with Jesus can be different.

Isaiah 35v10:

The ransomed of the Lord will return.

They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads.

Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.

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