Jesus’ revival preparation plans

Acts 1

1. Giving us power-assisted instructions

2. doing whatever is needed to make us sure of  him. 1v3

3. helping us to understand his kingdom. 1v3      (John 10v10)

4. gearing us into the coming move of God. 1v4,5

5. getting us to think “outside the box”. 1v6-8

6. teaching us to trust Father’s timing. 1v5, 1v7

7. showing us there is more to experience. 1v9-11

8. making us happy. Luke 24v52,53

9. having people ready to send. 1v12

10. getting us together in relationship to him. 1v14

11. having people to give a lead in different aspects of his work. 1v15,16

12. making Biblical adjustments to our lives and life together. 1v16-22

13. beginning to use unknown available people.        1v23-26

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