Graeme’s Christmas Quiz

If you are using this quiz with others, make sure that you have read the questions and the answers carefully, and looked up the references. My experience shows that people may not want to admit that they are wrong in what they think they know! Be prepared!


Look at these statements about Christmas and see if you can tell which of them are true to what the Bible says. From what is in the Bible:

  • we know it happened – put YES
  • we know it didn’t happen – put NO
  • we don’t know whether it happened or not – put MAYBE


  1. When Joseph discovered that Mary was going to have a baby he decided not to marry her.
  2. Apart from Mary, the first person to know that Jesus had come was Elizabeth.
  3. Joseph and Mary went from Nazareth to Bethlehem.
  4. Jesus was born on the night they arrived in Bethlehem.
  5. The innkeeper let Mary and Joseph use the stable.
  6. Joseph and Mary were told by an angel to call the baby, Jesus.
  7. Mary told other people what the shepherds told her.
  8. The shepherds saw a great army of angels in the sky.
  9. The shepherds brought a lamb to Jesus.
  10. The shepherds were given three clues for them to find Jesus.
  11. There were other people around (apart from Mary, Joseph and Jesus) when the shepherds visited Jesus.
  12. Three wise men went west to find the king of the Jews.
  13. They followed the star first to Jerusalem.
  14. Herod told the wise men where to look for Jesus.
  15. Herod kept it quiet about the wise men’s visit.
  16. The wise men rejoiced with great joy before they saw Jesus.
  17. They knelt down and worshipped Jesus in the manger.
  18. An angel told them not to go back to Herod.
  19. Soon after the birth of Jesus, lots of people knew that the Messiah had come.
  20. The only animals named in the Christmas story are ones that fly.


  1. YES –Matt 1v19 – first he decided to divorce her quietly, and then the angel told him to marry her.
  2. NO – Luke 1v41 – the unborn John first noticed Jesus’ presence.
  3. YES – Luke 2v4,5
  4. MAYBE – Luke 2v6 says “while they were there”
  5. MAYBE – but there is no mention in the Bible of an innkeeper or of a stable.
  6. YES – Matt1v21 – Joseph told, Luke1v31 – Mary told
  7. NO – Luke 2v19 – she kept these things in her heart.
  8. MAYBE – it does not say that they were in the sky – the first angel stood by them (ephistemi) , the others appeared with him. Luke 2v9
  9. MAYBE – but unlikely.
  10. YES – Luke 2v11,12 – town of David, wrapped in cloths, lying in a manger.
  11. MAYBE – one would expect someone to be helping at the birth, but we don’t know whether or not there were others nearby.
  12. YES/MAYBE – we don’t know that there were three.
  13. NO – they saw the start appear, then they went to Jerusalem because that’s where they thought he would be. Matt 2v2. The star would not have led them to Jerusalem – Jesus wasn’t there. When they were on their way from Jerusalem to Bethlehem the star re-appeared and moved Matt2v9
  14. YES – Matt 2v8 – he sent them to Bethlehem.
  15. NO – Matt 2v3 says that “all Jerusalem was troubled”. What he kept quiet about was the time of the star appearing, and him sending them to Bethlehem. Matt 2v7,8
  16. YES – they rejoiced when they saw the star Matt 2v10.
  17. NO – by the time they arrived, Jesus was in a house Matt 2v11 – up to two years after he was born. (Matt2v7 2v16)
  18. MAYBE –they were warned in a dream but there is no mention of an angel – Matt 2v12, whereas to Joseph, the angel of the Lord appeared in a dream 2v13
  19. YES – the shepherds told lots of people what the angels had told them about Jesus. Luke 2v17,18.
  20. YES – doves and pigeons when Jesus was presented in the temple at 8 days old. Luke 2v24. Sheep are not mentioned by name – Luke 2v8 it mentions shepherds and their flock. There is no mention of any donkey for Mary, or of camels for the wise men, or of cattle in the non- mentioned stable!

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